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Lazy Assignment of Typing and Validity Infoset Aspects (LATVIA)

The SchemaPath validator can be downloaded as a JAR for the following address

Within the JAR there is a simple test application that can be lanched through the command line

java -classpath SchemaPathValidator.jar schemapath.SimpleTest schema doc out


* schema, is the path of the file containing the SchemaPath

* doc, is the path of the file containing the XML document to validate

* out, is the path of the file where the output of the application will be written. If the argument is not present, the output will be displayed on screen.

The output of the application is a simple text document, where the events sent by the streaming validator are written. For each element and attribute, the relevant PSVI properties are described.

The source code of the validator can be found at

-- PaoloMarinelli - 21 Nov 2006


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