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Poetry Markup Language

What is PoeML?

PoeML (Poetry Markup Language) is a project for the analisys and realization of a new model of markup expecially intended for poetry. Future developements of the project will focuse on others literary typologies. The theoretical analisys will be associated with the implementation of XML-based tools for the markup and study of literary texts.


New Documentation and Topics

Anagrams & Paragrams

* Anagrammi * Paragrammi

XML-Schema examples in PoeML with XML instances

First tries

Master Thesis

  • Aidi Minoccheri: StandoffMarkup: A javascript library for externalizing and internalizing overlapping XML markup
  • Cristina Bonzanini: PoemlEditor: An editor for the generation of TEI-like structures for sonnets
  • Cristina Bonzanini: PoeMl2: Bugs fixing and second stage of the editor development

Other topics

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