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Project of course UUX 2017-2018.

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Some information about the project group.

The project team is named GOF (Gang of Four) in honor the famous team of four people that gave us the Design Patterns.

The members of the group are the following:

  • Shila MOSAMMAMI (ID: 0000817335)

  • Eduart UZEIR (ID: 0000843961)

  • Fabio SUMMA (ID: 0000856948)


This project is about the design of a secondary website for a well-known company. We are supposed to be a design team that works for a software company. The goal of the team is to provide a design proposal, first to the management of our company in order to convince them to support our project and second to the client representatives. The website that we have designed provides specialized products and services for the company's costumers. Even though the product and the services are specialized we have done our best to keep the layout and the functionalities of the website simple and pleasant to be used. During the design process and implementation we followed the best practices in the field of Usability and User Experience. Our bible has been the book of J.J Garrett since the last 4 month. At testing phase, we used the well-known Google's Usability Caffe' testing technique. The feedback was very helpful to refine and finalize the design. Of course this is a vast project with more than 200 pages of documentation and lot of other material that you can find in the project folder. We hope that people will consider this project as a reference and will find some sort of inspiration for their future work and project. The project is released by CC license and everybody can browse and use it. In case of any errors or problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank You!


-- EduartlUzeir - 17 Jun 2018


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