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Course projects

In this section of the wiki you will find information about the end-of-course project and will find a place to upload and deliver it.

Material for the project

How to create a final delivery

  1. If you are a group, invent a name for the group (not the juxtaposition of te surnames of its members)
  2. Create a page named after
    1. your user name (if you are an individual)
    2. your group name (if you belong to a group)
  3. Create a link to the page in the section "Delivered projects" in this page
  4. Upload all your material in the page as attachment and add a brief description of the content of the project
  5. You can continue adding and modifying material up to the day of the presentation, when you will release the control of the page and its content

What to deliver

  1. A zip file named after your name / group name, containing:
    • A PDF file called "Project Management Report" with details of the actions you undertook to generate the final design, with figures and data meant for a project manager
    • A PDF file called "Project Management Highlights" with a 10-15 slides presentation of the main points of the project management report for discussion
    • A folder called "Project Management material" containing all relevant source material, including spreadsheets, documentation, and all you have used to manage the project). include here earlier attempts, any discarded idea and all the things you decided NOT to use in the final design
    • A PDF file called "Final Design" with introductory text, drawings, blueprints, wireframes, and all that you want to use to convince a potential client to buy your idea
    • A PDF file called "Final Design Highlights" with a 10-15 slides presentation of the most interesting points of your design aimed at a potential client.
    • A folder called "Final Design sources" containing all relevant source material, including wireframes, blueprints, and all the material you generated for the final design.
  2. Place it in a wiki page named after your name / group name, containing:
    • The name of the group
    • The members of the group
    • The name of the project
    • Any short text you may want to add describing the basic rationale of your project
    • The last modified date and time
    • The delivery itself as an attachment to the page
  3. Link the wiki page to this page under the section "Delivered projects"

Delivered projects

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