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European Laws on VAT

As initial steps in the process of developing a common understanding of XML structures for laws, we decided to identify an European law that could be converted in all the different XML standards used in the individual European countries.

The source material

Description of the source material

Mail from Monica Palmirani (June 15, 2005)
Dear all,

as promised in Furore please find hereafter attached the Directive on 
Privacy to use for our XML exercise:
Directive 2002/58/EC (txt and pdf).

I think it is useful also to work on an example with some modifications, 
so I include a decision (2000/185/EC) that was modified twice:
A) decision in original text 2000-185-EC.txt
B) first modification - decision in original text 2002-954-EC.txt and PDF file
C) second modification - decision in original text 2004-161-EC.txt and PDF file
D) consolidated PDF text of the A)  (en_2000D0185_do_001.pdf)

- The sources are coming from Eur-Lex-

How to proceed with comparison

Mail from Monica Palmirani (October 12, 2005)

Dear all,

In order to have a sort of methodology I suggest the following track for 
preparing the material for a concrete comparation:
a) mark-up the document with your XML-SCHEMA or DTD;
b) mark-up also qualification of the modifications
c) try to manage the consolidation process (versioning/ 
multi-versioning/mix/dbms as you like).

The result should be presented in XML format in order to compare the 
following parts:
1) document structure
2) normative references
3) meta-data on the document
4) meta-data and on the partitions (article, ecc.)
5) time meta-data
6) qualification of the modifications meta-data (elements and attributes).


-- FabioVitali - 23 Nov 2005


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