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Fabio's Wiki's TWiki web The Documentation Web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2022 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [] TWiki Administrator [] Fabio's Wiki TWiki.TWiki The University of Bologna.TWiki WebStatistics Feb 2006 16800 7 1 444 353 TWikiRegistration 326 280 WebHome 275 261 WebStatistics 256 242 TablePlugin 212 186 TWikiDocGraphics 175 WikiName 7 Main.FabioVitali 1 ... (last changed by TWikiGuest) 2015-07-20T01:26Z guest 1.1953 updated major ManagingWebs TOC STARTINCLUDE # Managing Webs Adding webs is a web based operation; renaming and deleting webs are manual operations done directly on the server Overview A TWikiSite ... (last changed by FabioVitali) 2014-05-20T18:15Z FabioVitali 1.30 updated major WebHome Welcome to TWiki: a flexible, powerful, secure, yet simple web-based collaboration platform. Use TWiki to run a project development space, a document management system ... (last changed by FrancescoPoggi) 2013-01-09T11:49Z FrancescoPoggi 1.86 updated major TWikiRegistration To edit pages on this TWikiSite, you must have a registered user name and password. NOTE: We will only consider and activate registration requests with a reasonable ... (last changed by AngeloDiIorio) 2011-10-03T15:25Z AngeloDiIorio 1.43 updated major SablotronPlugin SablotronPlugin This is the SablotronPlugin. It uses XML::Sablotron to transform an XSL stylesheet and XML data file into HTML. Both the XSL stylesheet and XML document ... (last changed by AngeloDiIorio) 2006-02-21T00:19Z AngeloDiIorio 1.7 updated major TWikiPreferences TWiki Site-Level Preferences The following are site-level settings that affect all users in all webs on this TWikiSite. They can be selectively overwritten on the ... (last changed by FabioVitali) 2006-02-20T23:32Z FabioVitali 1.101 updated major NewUserTemplate SPLIT KEY : VALUE SPLIT My Links TWIKIWEB .WelcomeGuest to learn TWiki Sandbox.WebHome web to try out TWiki Sandbox.NewUserTemplateSandbox just for me Personal Preferences ... (last changed by AngeloDiIorio) 2005-11-18T15:12Z AngeloDiIorio 1.17 updated major ImmediateNotifyPlugin Immediate Notify Plugin This is a plugin that allows users to register to be immediately notified when topics or webs are modified. Syntax Rules Once the plugin is ... (last changed by FabioVitali) 2005-03-06T19:43Z FabioVitali 1.9 updated major SablotronXml You could make a list with several instances of XSLTRANSFORM like this: XSLTRANSFORM{xsl "SablotronXsl",xml Mark Delcher Unix installation Network installation Kyle ... (last changed by AngeloDiIorio) 2005-03-01T18:57Z AngeloDiIorio 1.6 updated major SablotronXsl2 (last changed by AngeloDiIorio) 2005-03-01T18:56Z AngeloDiIorio 1.7 updated major WebTopicEditTemplate WIKIUSERNAME DATE HIDE Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE E (last changed by FabioVitali) 2005-02-18T10:09Z FabioVitali 1.6 updated major WebBottomBar WEBCOPYRIGHT (last changed by FabioVitali) 2005-02-07T20:33Z FabioVitali 1.3 updated major WebTopBar Jump: WEBMAINTITLE WEBSUBTITLE (last changed by FabioVitali) 2005-02-07T02:13Z FabioVitali 1.4 updated major WebLeftBar Welcome Register INCLUDINGWEB Web INCLUDINGWEB Web Home Changes Topics Index Search TWiki Webs WEBLIST{" $name" separator ""} INCLUDE{" MAINWEB . WIKINAME ... (last changed by FabioVitali) 2005-02-06T18:46Z FabioVitali 1.4 updated major WebPreferences TWiki Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the TWiki web. These preferences overwrite the site-level preferences in TWIKIWEB . WIKIPREFSTOPIC ... (last changed by AngeloDiIorio) 2005-01-21T16:14Z AngeloDiIorio 1.23 updated major TWikiInstallationGuide TOC STARTINCLUDE # TWiki Installation Guide Installation instructions for the TWiki 01-Sep-2004 production release. If you are reading this on your own TWiki installation ... (last changed by PeterThoeny) 2004-08-31T17:49Z PeterThoeny 1.62 updated major
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